7.4.-16.4.2023 @ HilbertRaum, Berlin.

A feeling of melancholia. Tender tendrils unfurl towards something or someone other. Reaching out by sketching. Reaching out by handing over part of the process to someone else. Reaching out by listening to the material. Harmonising voices. A concert for nature.

What is it that us humans need and want the most?

We could draw an imaginary landscape, populate it with people and relationships from our memory, project an image of what we hope for or what we fear. We strive to be understood, to have someone else in a moment of reflection share our singular subjective universe.

This show is born out of a need for connection and is in many ways a testament to these emotional undercurrents. You are free to relate to the works in your own way: our interpretations are many doors. Let’s not stay on the threshold though. Come join the discussion.